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Lightweighted Environment for N-dimensional Systems

Usage Scenarios of LENS

LENS might be used in the following application scenarios:

1. Think about complex problems

LENS supports you to formulate and visualize complex problems like enterprise architecture planning, strategic information system planning, formulate a scientific theory, ... Unlike other methods LENS captures your thoughts in a structured way, so that the content may be processed easily in further steps.

2. Datawarehouse review

LENS supports the end to end planning of datawarehouse in a model driven way. In a structured modelling process gaps and needs are elaborated. Resulting in clear and efficient data structures, that lead to better defined analysis results.

3. Interface definition

LENS supports the capturing and definition of data interfaces. As LENS combines a business model with the respective dataquality rules the daily operation of data interfaces get much more easier.

4. Requirement analysis

LENS supports the structured and model driven gathering of requirements to the datawarehouse, without hindering a agiles development process of dispositive function elements.

5. Planning and operation of multilateral dispositive infrastructure

Due to it's plattform independency LENS is well suitable to design and operate multilateral dispositive infrastructures (many independent data provider deliver to many independent data consumers).

6. Change of technology

LENS is able to use cost efficient base technology (like postgres data base). After a methodically driven redesign, dispositive infrastructure may be migrated in little steps to more cost efficient structures without unpredictable commercial risk.

7. Dispositive data operation

Once ported to new, model conform infrastructure, LENS may help you to run this infrastructure throught LENS's batch interface.