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Lightweighted Environment for N-dimensional Systems

What is LENS ?

LENS is a modelling and operation tool for complex n-dimensional datastructures and data, like they can be found in datawarehouses, strategic planning or research. LENS enables you to organize or reorganize your dispositive and big data in a model driven and consistent way.

End to End View

LENS opens the end to end view on the usage flow of your data, from the sources throughout dimensions and levels to the organization of users and their business capabilities. Besides the intuitive and clear graphical representation of organization- and datastructures LENS deals with the data content as well, in a plattform neutral way. All model artefacts are stored in an open and easily transformable format, in order to proliferate business value of the model throughout the technical infrastructure. Interface datastructures may be constraint by using declarative dataquality rules as well as more highlevel business rules.

LENS encourages you to rethink your business data in a multidimensional way as most of the management people do and take advantage of clear and documented data structures.


LENS supports a „discrete data package management“ philosophy. Out of several reasons it makes sense to decouple the dispositive system from the source systems. Project management, datadefintion and transformation get far more transparent. Instead of dealing with the source systems datamodels or dependecies, we advice to define a clear and consistent data interface in „data packages“, each of which can be located in the multiplicity of exchanged data clearly and without ambiguity. In this approach source systems access their own datamodel themselfs and make nessesary transformations to produce the defined packages. Often misinterpretation and unnoticed changes lead to curious results in dispositive data. Access knowhow stays close to the source systems, which reduces company wide system dependecies.

Followling this approach, data attributes defined in the LENS model are declared as to be ether assertive or querative, depending whether it is supposed to insert new data into the dataset (assertive) or needs to be check against existing data (querative).

Please find more information on LENS and it's functions in our showcase.