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Lightweighted Environment for N-dimensional Systems

Components of LENS

LENS is built up of two major components each supporting a particular phase of the design and operation process.

LENS Modeller

LENS Modeller provides you with the tools to analyse your business from a dispositive, multidimensional point of view, step by step:

  • Specify dimensions and levels
  • Specify datasources and data quality rules
  • Specify bases and aggregations
  • Specify reports and business rules
  • Specify roles and business capabilities
  • Specify organization
  • Show footpsrints
  • Generate documentation

Screen Browser

Lens Browser

Screen Designer

Lens Designer

LENS useful footprint feature enables you to map the designed artefacts (reports and bases) and organizational structures (business capabilities and organizations) back onto you dimensional model, so that one may discovermissing objects and that way ensure the quality of you model.

Screen Designer Footprint

Lens DesignerFootprint

LENS Operator

LENS-Operator connects to a specified database and generates needed artefacts according the model interpretation.

  • Generate input- and outputstructure
  • Generate datamodel
  • Generate loadplan for input files
  • Generate functional dependency chart
  • Load data into stage areas
  • Load data into database
  • Roll up aggregations
  • Deduct business rules
  • Deduct reports and provide in outputstructure

Screen Operator

Lens Operator

All the Operator function are callable in batch mode, so that it can be smoothly integrated into existing load structures. Finally the output structure (directory) contains the specified flatfiles, which may now easily and transparent be interpreted by your favourite frontend Tool (Excel Pivot, SAS, R, Dashboard, et al.).